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VFD Control Panels (Variable Frequency Drive Panels) Manufacturer, Exporter in India.

VFD Control Panel

Variable frequency drive control panel (also named VFD panel, AC/DC drive electrical control panel) is consisted of inner VFD inside the cabinet with external control, protect, display and other electrical, it's an frequency conversion device to control three phase AC/DC motor (including fans and pumps) in variable speed to save energy.
Variable Frequency Drive Panels Drives the elerctric motor speed and feed pump. Applications of VFD control panels is for conveyors and compressors of large machinaries to vary the frequency and voltage supply VFD control panels used in various applicatiuons sauch as drilling and pumping.
VFD control panel acts as energy saver for high voltage motors. Avery significant use of VFD control panel is that by reducing motor speed we can reduce the energy consumption from 25% TO 90% where as the energy consumed by VFD panels is roughly 2% to 3%.

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