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Distribution Panel

Distribution Panels

Supplying and Fabrication of wall mounting cubicle type panel board fabrication 16SWG CR sheet with necessary channel the bus bar chamber is provided size Aluminum/ Copper flat is RYB 30x 6, Incomer 160 Amps SFU L&T Main switch 1 no, Main Outgoing 63 Amps SFU L&T Main switch 2 nos & Outgoing 160 Amps SFU L&T Main switch 1 no , (1).First outgoing Two pole 6 Amps MCB L&T Make 4 nos , Two pole 63 Amps MCB L&T Make 1 no(2). Second outgoing Single pole 10Amps MCB L&T Make 8 nos, Single pole 16Amps MCB L&T Make 2 Nos (3).Third outgoing Four pole 63 Amps 300 Milli Amps ELCB L&T Make 3 nos, RYB Indication Lamp with vaf meter.
Theere is one central hub from many differnt locations combined in DISTRIBUTION Panels. Distribution of electric supply system through distribution panels which controls the power for all circuits. The main purpose of distribution panels is to safeguard from overload and short circuits. working procedure of DISTRIBUTION PANELS is to provide the power from one main switch to all other circuits.

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