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Metal Tags and Rings, Aluminium Tags and Rings Manufacturer, Exporter in India.

Metal and Aluminium Tag

Metal/aluminum tags and rings are the most convenient mode used for recognizing particular machinery, devices and other objects in a glimpse. These are manufactured with a rough and dynamic look so that it can be identified easily and can sustain harsh climate and uneven transport mediums. The tags/ rings are made in such a manner that can be effortlessly sealed or can be attached to the equipment required to be transported to the required destination.

Vardayani Corporation is the manufacturer of one of the best quality metal tags and rings. We are the prime exporters and suppliers of this type to different industries and are committed to produce and sell one of the finest quality product. We are the makers of customized tags and make them as per the specifications and requirements of our customers.

We have established ourselves as one of the leading exporter and supplier due to the top notch quality product we make available in the market. Our products are designed and made with metal like steel, aluminum, brass, copper and others which we procure from reliable and certified resources from the market. Our manufactured products are tested on different parameters by our team of expert quality controllers to be sure that only top quality stock gets produced by us. We are specialized in producing weather resistant,corrosion free and durable tags and rings which have a long work life and can be used under severe strenuous conditions. One more benefit is they are much more cost effective. We offer them to our customer's at the most economical prices as available in the market. Some of the reasons behind our popularity in the market can be characterized by below points :

1. Ethical business policies and methods used by us.
2. A team of dedicated and determined professionals.
3. Latest technology and infrastructure.
4. Massive production capacity.
5. Economical and client receptive approach.
6. Best quality control standards.
7. Timely delivery of high quality products.

Metal/aluminum tags and rings are used in varied industries be it a chemical industry, where they are used as a perfect labelling option for wide range of chemicals used. This becomes possible only due to the capacity of our objects to withstand harsh environmental conditions and also due its durability. Secondly, the transportation and the automobile / vehicle industries are our big clients as they are used in various applications including vehicle identification and safety instruction plates. These have a long lasting ability and hence are in much demand with transportation industry.

Types of tags and rings :

Basically, the tags can be divided into 4 types. Although the list is not exhaustive. Some of them can be listed as :
1. Screenprinted Metal Tags : A wide variety of materials is used in manufacturing this type and varied colorful images are formed on the materials for high quality. It is most cost effective among other types.
2. Aluminum Tags : These can withstand extreme harshness and can easily bear abrasion. High resistance to temperature change and the spoilage due to chemicals.
3. Stainless Steel Tags : The most important feature of steel is it can produce corrosion free products. High intensity to withstand the scratching, heat and other reactions.
4. Brass Tags : These are extremely attractive, can be used more in coastal type of atmospheric conditions.

Advantages of Metal Tags :

1. They are long lasting and durable. Many of the tags have their active life lasting for many a decades. So, in comparison to the use of labels, the tags are widely used as they last for a much longer time and in an uneven atmosphere.
2. This type are much more favored by all types of industries or even individual use. This is because once some data gets carved or sculpted on a metal tag , its practically impossible to change or alter the same. This provides a sense of security to the party who is utilizing the same.
3. They can be made in different shapes, sizes, diameters, colors and styles to suit the requirements of the customers.

Disadvantages of Metal Tags :

1. The most important disadvantage with this type is that manufacturing a metal tag can be a time consuming activity. Hence, for those who require early delivery of such tags it may prove harmful as their business gets adversely affected due to the time needed for waiting.
2. Once some information is etched on the tag it is just impossible to make changes. So if there is some error or some incorrect carving done on the tags it becomes a waste to time and energy, also the cost of manufacturing rises making it more costly and uneconomical.
3. They are not at all suitable for marking of equipment with uneven or irregular surfaces.

Why us :

1. A large number of metal and aluminum tags are available, with wide range of sizes and shapes, at Vardayani Corporation to choose from.
2. We are a well known name in making and supplying cost effective products without having to compromise on the quality front.
3. Best quality products due to our team of skilled professionals.

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